Tips For Being A Successful Boss Babe With A Mental Illness

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I just wanted to write this post to encourage those that may have a mental illness to keep pursuing your goals. I am a successful Boss Babe who promotes health and wellness products and also affiliate marketing products.

I am evidence that if you persist with a mental illness you can achieve great things. I just recently got a promotion in my business, Saba, which is amazing. I am now Senior Associate and that means I am qualified to earn more money with the company.

Working from home is an amazing opportunity if you know what to do.

Here are some tips for those who want to work from home, but have health issues:

1. Find a niche

Niches are pretty much the different categories were you can make money. You can chose from topics such as; health, fitness, making money, blogging, e-commerce etc, there are endless number of companies out there that you can  promote. Make sure your niche is one that you feel comfortable promoting, ideally chose a niche which you have experience with already, this gives you an added advantage when promoting it to others. This leads me to my next point.

2. Do your research

Have you ever joined a company before that you wanted to promote and then found out later that the company or the product stinks? Well to save yourself some misery make sure you do some thorough research on the company that you want to join. Think about it seriously because it is your future. You need to take the same mindset as the successful entrepreneurs do and take your time and research on the company. You might like out Pinterest posts and before and afters, YouTube Clip reviews, Google websites you find under the company name. Do your due diligence and that will prevent you from making mistakes.

3. Find a mentor

There is no point in joining a business if you do not have a mentor. You need someone to show you the ropes and teach how to make money online. It’s so much easier following in someone’s footsteps then trying to recreate the wheel yourself. Make sure you find someone who is actually recognised in their niche as an expert. Ask around on Facebook in the business community, do google searches on the persons name, search YouTube for any training videos this person might have created. Make sure this person is not just an expert but is also someone you can trust and communicate freely with. Make sure this person suits your business and where you are going in the future.

4. Choose a company

Again like the other points you must choose a company in your particular niche that is recognised as a leader in the industry. Research the company’s website, google the company’s name, ask around amongst people in the community who might know the company, check for a registered office and find out which country or state the company is in. Once you have all this information you can make an informed decision on what company you wish to join.

5. Go and start making money!

Now you have done all your research the fun begins, you can start actually going out there and making money. You should have chosen your niche, your mentor and company and you are ready to go. Make sure you continue to learn as you go and improve your skills in making money online.

I would recommend studying people like Eric Worre, Tony Robbins, Ramit Sethi who are successful at making money online.

If you are looking for a mentor and a support system to join then come and join me with my company. Contact me here or check out the Saba company website here.


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