Suffering from panic? Here is a great resource to help you…

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I saw a Psychiatrist today and he told me about this great resource which helps to educate you more about panic attacks. As I have been suffering from panic attacks lately I thought it was a good idea to check the resource out.

Produced by the Centre for Clinical Interventions “Panic Stations” is a 12 Module Workbook focused on educating you about panic and panic disorders.

Some of the modules include;

  • Unhelpful Thinking Styles
  • The ABC’s of Thinking and Feeling
  • Core Beliefs

The resource has some great exercises in it. One of the ones I think may help you is the Module on “The Calming Technique” which teaches you a way to calm yourself if a panic attack does hit. Best of the all the resource is completely free. They also produce other helpful resources which can help you with health issues like; Bipolar Disorder, Disordered Eating, Self Esteem and Depression.

Here is a link to their Free Library. 

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