How To Rebound After A Set Back

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Recently I decided to quit my job. I have quit many of my jobs over the past 3 years because of my bipolar mainly my chronic insomnia that goes with my bipolar. Every time I quit it just doesn’t get any easier. Each time it just gets tougher and tougher. It feels like I’m drowning at times. It feels like I’m gasping for air and screaming at the top of my lungs but nobody hears me. I know what it’s like to struggle – I have battled addiction and chronic illness the past 3 years and it is very stressful. I am currently in recovery with these two things.

So how does my story relate to you?

Well you may have recently had a set-back and you are trying to rebound from it. It could be as simple as failing your driving test, or it could be complex like losing a job or maybe even losing a loved one.

The question is how do you come back from this set back?

What should you do?

1. Allow Yourself time To Be Sad

It is important to give yourself time to grieve your losses. If you have lost your job for example you may like to stay at home for a few days following the loss and just recoup. You may need time just to chill out and zone out for a while.

2. Make your favourite meal

When I make my favourite meal I automatically get a warm fuzzie feeling. Cooking something nice for myself often makes me calm down and relax and I can go away feeling better after.

3. Take a hot shower/bath

Taking a hot shower or bath leads to increased oxytocin levels in the body which means it helps you feel less anxious.

4. Next, get in a routine

Getting in a routine helps people with mental health issues cope better with their illness e.g. feelings of overwhelm.

5. Plan your day

Planning out your day gives structure to the day and allows you to feel more in control. When you are more in control you make better decision and that means better outcomes for you.

6. Schedule time to socialize

Although you feel like being a recluse ultimately socializing and spending time with other people will help you bounce back quicker after a set-back. Make sure you are spending quality time with family and friends and people that feel good about yourself. Avoid people that drain your energy or make you feel negative.

7. Journal

Journalling is a great way to deal with pent up thoughts or emotions. You may be dealing with a stressful situation at home and journaling allows you to get out of your mind and get it onto paper

8. Track Your Mood

Keeping on eye on your mood allows you to gauge whether or not you might be about to experience an episode.

9. Listen To Some Music

Listening to music helps to soothe the nerves. It can help with self-expression and creativity. It may help on a number of psychological levels.

10. Do Something Productive

Finally, once you have got into a routine and applied many of other tips in this guide then you can now do something productive. Maybe you might like to find a part-time job, or maybe take up a hobby. You may like to volunteer and help other people. Doing something productive during your day will bring you meaning in your life again.

There you have it. There are a few strategies you can implement when you have a setback and you are needing to rebound from them.

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