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I have literally turned my life around in about 4 days. On Sunday I stopped taking most of all my meds. It was time to get off the drugs and get my health back. I had about 3-4 hospital visits in 3 months and was at my Doctor literally every week and a half. Something had to change.

So I decided I needed to start taking herbs and get off all my meds. It’s now Thursday and I’m very close to not taking any meds all together and only taking herbs. I found a great practitioner who is helping me with the right dosages and right herbs/plants to be taking.

The idea of my blog to document my journey and educate others on getting their health back and regaining control over their bodies. I want to show others that there is an alternative to what the media and big pharmaceutical companies push. Natural herbs and medicine is what you should be taking. It’s healthy for the mind, body and spirit.

I will update you on all the changes I’m noticing in my body in my post tomorrow. As I’m noticing lots of things that are improving.

If you have any questions please post them for me and I will endeavour to get back to you.

Cheers. 😊




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