How I lost 20 kgs or 44 pounds with a mental illness

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When you have a mental illness it can be really hard to lose weight. Some of the meds psychs put you on pile on the weight.

Towards the end of last year I put on 10kgs (22 pounds) in 6 weeks after a change in medication. I nearly hit the roof. I went to my Doctor and demanded she changed my medication, she agreed it was not sustainable to be on meds when your gaining so quickly.

In the last week and a half I’ve started losing weight again. I’ll tell you how I did it…

1. Cut sugar ☠️💀

So I cut soda/soft drinks completely and switched to herbal tea. At first it was hard, I’d been drinking Coca Cola every day since October 18’. So it was a huggggeee adjustment, but I did it.

2. Eat more fruit & vegetables 🌽

I also started eating more vegetables and fruit. I started making smoothies, and putting lots of vegetables in my dinner. This really helped a lot by supplying my body with more vitamins and minerals.

3. Walking more regularly

I also started walking more regularly. I went for walks in my spare time and to help kerb a bit of boredom from living alone. The fresh air and nature really helps with the depression too. Nature is an amazing tool when it comes to mood disorders.

4. New products

Finally I introduced some new products into my regime, Empower Coffee and T12 tea. These products are amazing and help get your body into ketosis faster. They contain ingredients such as MCT oil which helps to burn fat, and Garcinia Cambogia which speeds up the metabolism. T

If your interested in these products please get in Contact with me here and I’ll hook you up.

Overall I’ve lost about 20 kgs or 44 pounds during my weight loss journey, all whilst I was on meds for my bipolar/depression/anxiety/insomnia. So it can be done if you really want to lose the weight. You just have to be determined.


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