I have been feeling really well lately

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About 4 weeks ago I was feeling really sick, anxious with panic attacks and I just didn’t feel right. I went to the hospital and stayed there for a few others to see a Psychiatrist and eventually they saw me and just said I have to start sleeping properly because I am just exhausted and tired.

So the past 4 weeks I have been working on my sleep. I have been implementing sleep hygiene strategies, I have been trying to go to bed earlier, I have been taking melatonin and passionflower to help me sleep. My Doctor also changed my meds so I am now on 5 medications and 1 natural medication. I am not happy that I am on so many meds, but for me its just a temporary solution.

I have been working on transitioning to natural herbs and supplements so I can rid my body of the nasty chemicals I have been putting into my body. But it is going to take time because I have had to do a lot of blood and other tests to check my health.

So far blood results are showing I am low in zinc, my body is inflammed and I am not getting enough Vitamin D. So I started on a zinc supplement in the past few days and started on curcumin which is a herb used for inflammation. I am going to go outside more and get more sunlight and hopefully all these things will help.

I am not sure what the other test results will show and what deficiencies or issues will show up in my test results. So we will see what will happen and take one day at a time.

But overall I am feeling better I am sleeping just fine and my mood is fairly stable. My business is also going really well. I am getting clients and I am doing really well.

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