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If you’re not getting along with family,  friends or your partner or some that you live with then maybe you need to reevaluate your living situation. If you are not getting on with others then you might need to leave the house temporarily or even make a permanent move away. Your environment is important. It can be positive but it also can be negative.

Your environment can have a huge effect on your mental health. For me, I was suffering from anxiety, insomnia and panic attacks. Once I fixed my environment at home my health improved straight away.

If you live with someone and you aren’t getting along, you need to address it by having open and honest communication. Maybe take some time apart to think and reflect on the relationship, then when you return work on the relationship. If you feel that being apart is best or even fear for your safety, then by all means leave. Don’t stay somewhere where you are not happy.

Communication is the key. Valuing the other persons’ input and opinion, and listening with an open mind and heart will improve your relationship. But it’s a two-way street, the other person needs to be respectful and listen to you as well. They must be willing to make changes and adjustments to improve the situation too. Otherwise it might be best that you move out.

So if your struggling with a relationship, don’t just automatically walk away, but try and resolve the issue if you can. If after you try, the relationship deteriorates then by all means leave. Always remember if the relationship is toxic, leaving is probably the best solution. There any many places that offer emergency accommodation and the welfare department in your country should be able to provide you with emergency/crisis payment to help you when you leave your house.

There are many counselling services that you can access for free. I’m in Australia so I know about Beyond Blue, the MH Call Line (this is in Queensland) and of course Lifeline.

For the US,  here is a link to free Counselling Services. 

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