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The last 3 days I’ve been feeling much better. I have adjusted my meds with my Psych and Doctor. Since the med change I’ve been feeling so good.

The best thing that has happened is the fact that I’m not agitated and hyperactive. I’m actually sitting still in the same place for a few hours instead of constantly pacing the house or doing things. I would do  these things because of the anxiety l was feeling.

So I found a natural Doctor in my City who studies orthomolecular science. Essentially they treat medical conditions like bipolar and depression through natural herbs and supplements.

Just recently I did some blood tests for him and I have some more tests coming next week. It’s so we can get a baseline of where my body is at and can measure progress. So I’ll just see how that goes.

So no matter how bad you feel right now, there are better days ahead for you if you stay on your meds and eat right. Find yourself an alternative Doctor like one in orthomolecular science or even traditional chinese practioner.

A big thing is mindset. Entrepreneurs talk about this a lot. If you get in the right frame of mind you can literally change your life. You will be able to put away old habits and change how you react to stressful situations. You will start achieving your goals that you never thought was possible.

For me starting this blog was a mammoth feat. I had no idea how I was going to grow my blog, I had no idea of the audience I was writing for and I had no idea what to write about. But through trial and error I came up with ideas that would work on my blog and I gathered research. I found that I am actually not a bad blogger at all (despite some problems with grammar and starting a sentence with But). haha But honestly I never thought I would start my own mental health blog, but here it is!

So this post is all about anxiety and panic attacks so my top tips include:

– see a Doctor

– get on some meds

– take supplements

– meditation

– exercise

These are the first 5 things I recommend you do to overcome your anxiety. I have applied all these tips to my life and I am doing really well right now. I feel balanced, happy, peaceful and calm.

Now I’ve given you some tips, the balls in your court. You decide what your future will look like. You determine which roads you will go down. It is up to you to make the right decisions and work on healing your mind, body and spirit.

Please if at anytime you want to talk, please just email me here and I will get back to you as soon as possible. This blog was set up to help other people by telling my story and providing effective advice on how to overcome mental illness.

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