Hi, my name is Ally. I am a 34 year old woman living in Australia. I run a creative digital agency called Kabi Creative. That’s where you will find me every day creating content, tweeking people’s social media and generally having a good time. 🙂

On a personal level I am single, never been married and I don’t have any children (yet) haha. I suffer from bipolar disorder. Maybe now you can see why I might be single…

I established this blog to help with my own recovery from bipolar, depression, anxiety and insomnia. I decided to develop a resource that would be helpful for people just like me that battle with mental health daily. The goal is really to educate you, the reader in ways such as; how to stop panic attacks, how to lose weight on meds, how to feel happier, how to stabilise moods plus other topics. My goal is to see my readers feeling happy and fulfilled.

I am interested in my readers and what pains they have, what their goals are and where they see themselves heading in the next few years. I want to really get to know you so I can help you more with my blog. My goal is to create content that is interesting, informative and really helps with what you are going through.

Feel free to email me anytime 🙂

Ally xo 

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